Monday, April 12, 2010

Finnish Metal Fail

Seth, myself, and Elise from Reign in Blonde were among the crowd at last week's Finntroll show, watching the interpretive moshers and wondering why a four-act show starts at 9 PM on a Thursday. I had purchased my ticket back in December after hearing Moonsorrow - who I missed when I decided not to go to Paganfest II - would be one of the openers, looking forward to seeing how well the ambiance I found on their records translated to the stage.

The answer: not so much. Moonsorrow live weren't as big a disappointment as Swallow the Sun, whose combination of Fred Durst lookalike singer, non-existent stage presence, and poorly chosen set list made me regret my inclusion of the unfortunately (in retrospect) named New Moon on my best-of 2009 album list, but there was a great deal (besides the lyrics) that didn't translate. The guitars were out of tune. The harmonies were out of tune. The keyboard - which I realized, as I gave Verisäkeet a follow-up listen this morning, is absolutely necessary for a mood establisher - was almost inaudible. Maybe the band was drunk; maybe the sound guy fucked up; maybe the acoustics in the Gramercy Theatre are far worse than I give them credit for, but on that night at least, Moonsorrow went from being a band that channeled up some really cool aural imagery to a fairly boring endeavor that only held my attention because I was waiting for an improvement that never came. Well, that and looking at their kick-ass backdrop.

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