Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Soundtrack to a Battle Epic

The more I listen to "This Day We Fight," the first complete track on Megadeth's new-ish record, Endgame (now with more Roadrunner bashing, non-ironically reported on Roadrunner's quasi-official speech organ!), the more I think that Mustaine must have written the lyrics after watching Nathan Explosion pile up bodies Conan the Barbarian-style in the opening to the first episode of Metalocalypse - or after reading about the bloody, bloody adventures of Attila the Hun. A sample:
Bathed in blood up to the horses' bridle
It's death to retreat, there's no chance of survival

Whet with your blood, I sharpen my sword

No turning the other cheek like a coward
Come tomorrow I may lay down and die
But not this day, this day we fight!

Strip the fallen heroes, finish off the wounded
Collect the spoils of war and send them back dead
Pretty brutal, right?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Longing for Shelter, Domination

Have I hung on Skeletonwitch's nuts yet? Apparently not.

Why not start now: as much I enjoy Breathing the Fire as an album, I find that I'm now giving it regular spins just because I've developed an unnatural love for one of the lyrics from "Longing for Domination": "You are the helpless, the sheep in the snow/Longing for shelter, domination"

I'm not sure what exactly is at the roots of my intense admiration, but if I had to pick, I think I'd say that it's because I'm imagining the singer as the fire-breathing horned skeleton guy (maybe that's what a skeletonwitch looks like?) on the album cover and I'm pretty sure that if I saw him on the road, I'd feel like a sheep in the snow, too.