Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because Swedes are The Law

I spotted this post on the posting of a new song by Swedish thrash act The Law on Blabbermouth and something made me click through to read more. The act provided an immediate reward through a laugh at the band's sense of humor - anyone who adopts the name Kristian "Anti-Kristian" Karlsson is all right by me - leading me, in turn, to open up their MySpace page to hear the new track in question and see whether or not The Law really is doing more than reinvent the wheel.

The lesson here, clearly, is to use funny nicknames if you're a thrash band, because then you'll get more attention.

In any case, I was ultimately glad I did, because unlike the material from their first album, which sounds like yet another take on Bonded by Blood, "Simplify" has some elements that make it stand out to my over-saturated ears, particularly in the guitar sound. Overall, I'm calling "Simplify" an unholy breeding between Goatwhore and Anthrax. I'll be interested to hear the rest when the album comes out.

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