Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pulling Out of Paganfest II

Well, that settles that: "ELUVEITIE Pulls Out Of 'Paganfest America: Part II' Tour." I was already on the fence about going, and out of the remaining lineup, I know nothing about Swashbuckle, would love to see Moonsorrow, and - after a thorough review - have no interest in Korpiklaani, Blackguard, or Primordial, creating a negative balance of interest. Hopefully Moonsorrow will come around on another tour and I can enjoy their wonderful atmospheres in person. It's starting to sound like the Tyr/Suidakra/Alestorm show at the end of this month will be the true successor to the original Paganfest.

By the way: what kind of bullshit reasoning is "[The tour organizers] decided that it would be wiser to wait for the band to return in the fall since they've already played during Paganfest America 2008's touring cycle." It's been a year, guys. If you're worried about oversaturation, I think you're ok. If you're going to tour them anyway (whatever that means), as you say in the next sentence, why make us wait until the fall?

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