Friday, March 05, 2010

(More) Songs for Your Gaming Soundtrack

I am a huge nerd. Not just a music nerd, either: I'm your garden variety, interested in geeky-pursuits-of-all-stripes-of-all-types nerd, but with social graces and a healthy grasp on proper hygiene. As a result, I can definitely appreciate a list like this one; I've made use of songs on this list or songs like them as background for a few gaming events (both tabletop and computerized) myself. A few additions:
  • Dio - "Rainbow in the Dark." Not a fantasy-focused track specifically, but if you're preparing for a battle, being told you're strong enough to stand alone in hopeless places and not fall - not mention defy physics and make rainbows appear in areas entirely without light - is pretty inspiring.
  • Queen - "Princes of the Universe." I'm cheating a little bit, because Queen isn't metal, but they're definitely BBB approved. Same general idea as "Rainbow in the Dark," but with a group additive: we're all tremendous badasses who can take down anything. Plus it's from the soundtrack of a movie where immortals settle their differences with sword fights, Sean Connery plays a Spaniard with a Scottish accent, and the bad guy wears a helmet made out of a lizard skull. Not including it on a list like this would be a crime against music.
  • Metallica - "All Nightmare Long." Metallica's written a few songs about the madness of the Elder Gods, but the imagery in this one is particularly visceral, making it a nice choice for any time you're facing anything particularly horrifying. Plus I've already demonstrated how it's part of a good gaming sound track.

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