Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For Those of You Pissed About the New Arsis Sound...

...maybe give Sons of Aurelius a try. They're a little more traditionally proggy than Arsis got - or at least than they got on We Are The Nightmare - but most of what I've heard thus far pretty much fits the Arsis bill. You could probably call them a more technical Between The Buried And Me and not lose any brownie points.

It might be artwork week here at BBB: I came across these guys because Metal Sucks did a post applauding the artwork for their as-yet-unreleased new album, The Farthest Reaches (and throwing in some props for the art on their first release, Myocardial Infarction, shown on the left below; the cover of The Farthest Reaches is on the right). It's not quite Howl awesome, but after hearing their music, I think I might be more likely to dig on what Sons of Aurelius is doing.

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Conor said...

Huge Arsis fan, and though I haven't yet heard Starve For The Devil, I have recently gotten into Son Of Aurelius, and absolutely love them.

So, those fans of technical death in the vein of Arsis, definitely check out Son!