Monday, February 22, 2010

Howling With Disappointment

Above is the album cover from an upcoming release by a band called Howl that I came across on Friday on Metal Sucks. It is an awesome album cover: there's a hooded skull, it's on fire with some sweet stylized flames, there are hordes of floating eyeballs, and that geared circle supporting the band's logo ties the whole thing together really well.

This link goes to a post written by Reign in Blonde's Julia reviewing Howl open for Skeletonwitch (who know a thing or two about sweet album covers). It reads like Howl is a pretty sweet-sounding band - a bit of post-hardcore, a bit of prog, a bit of thrash, a bit of doom - so I checked out their MySpace page and, well...the stuff from the new album isn't up yet, but I hope it's more interesting than the stuff from their last release. Maybe they're a better band live, but right now Full of Hell is shaping up to be a waste of some sweet art.

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