Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saving the Day With Black Sabbath

The weather has turned ugly again here in New York; uglier than usual because it's so unusual for May, when I should be enjoying the few remaining days of NYC's tolerable season. Instead it's cold and raining and I'm fighting a bitter guerrilla war against an occupation by an invading virus. Prisoners are not taken, my friends. Quarter is not given.

I knew I had to find a way to keep a productive work day from spiraling into a black metal-fueled disgustfest - an event that nearly happened anyway after hearing the peripherally-related but still ultra-downer opening strains of Placebo's "Peeping Tom" - and I knew there was only one guaranteed way to do so: put on the Black Sabbath. Any album would have worked, but Mob Rules happened to catch my eye first and I knew as soon as I heard the opening strains of "The Sing of the Southern Cross" that everything was going to be okay. And also this song makes me feel like a Viking.


atanamar said...

I love that fucking song, and I've been spinning this album a ton lately. I totally hear you - it's the antidote I need after swallowing a dark pint of Portal, or whatever musical wormhole I've crawled into on a particular day.

Islander said...

Agree! One fucking awesome song, which I haven't heard in way too long. Thanks for the reminder and for the listen. Get well.