Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cut Me Another Slice of Your Referential Pie

Inspired in part by Hot Tub Time Machine and its frequent and dramatic use of Motley Crue, I recently upped my Crue quotient and dug into Dr. Feelgood. It's been a worthwhile experience, but it's also led to another entry on the "songs that sound like other songs" list that's been a frequent Baroque Bleak Brutal topic in the recent past. Most of "Another Slice of Your Pie" is pretty standard Crue material: lyrics dripping with barely-disguised sexual innuendo matched up with some blues rock riffage and call and response vocals, all of which might have easily come out an Aerosmith song of the same vintage. Where things get really referential, though, is the ending. There's some hint of the idea in the bridge, but for the last two minutes the song goes from pretty straightforward rocker to a halfway decent imitation of the metal portion of "She's So Heavy." A band paying homage to the Beatles ain't no strange thing, I suppose - Oasis certainly made a career out of doing so - but what makes it noteworthy is the sudden change of gears, like the band decided they had to make a reference to the Beatles somewhere on Dr. Feelgood, and decided to tack it on to "Another Slice of Your Pie." Check it out:

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