Monday, March 22, 2010

Rock 'N Roll the Metro Map

I love maps. I love rock music. I love history. Not surprisingly, I love someone's attempt to combine all three things into one, as artist theonlyone did with this subway map:

It's marvelously flawed, of course: Van Halen and Elvis aren't on there, for example, and Europe gets a mention, but the progenitors of black metal do not. Emo and Nu-Metal don't deserve their own lines, categorizing Faith No More as just grunge is criminal, and the whole thing is much more a snapshot of current perceptions than reality (although one might argue that a diagram mapping influence would only work as a snapshot). But layout: man, it's beautiful, because it really takes advantage of the subway portion of the concept. Interchanges between lines and the line curves themselves make for an excellent demonstration of genre crossover, and the stations are placed in a rough chronological order that demonstrates where things came from and where they've gone since.

Via MetalSucks

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