Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirge for Spring Weather

It's taken me a while to recognize how good My Arms, Your Hearse really is and I really only warmed to the album after hearing pieces of it on The Roundhouse Tapes. Either way, it made for an excellent accompaniment to today's dreary weather, providing a perfect compliment to the rain that washed away this weekend's glorious sun. But it's "Credence," with its dreamy acoustic riff, half-time beat, and morose lyrics ("Strange silhouettes whisper your thoughts, scream your sadness/And they all turned away, unable to face more of this death.") that really brings the point home:

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Conor said...

Wow, I never would have chosen this as a spring song, it's a great choice. I've been spinning Agalloch's The White a lot lately, but I suppose even classic Opeth can feel like spring.

Trying to piece together a list of spring songs for myself just now, I realize it has far more to do with when I've listened to the songs or albums constantly, rather than a quality of the music.

"Credence" certainly does sound post-rain to me, though.