Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Darkest, Blackest of Alcohols

We all know about Gaahl: channeler of the darkness, flirter with white supremacy, Homosexual of the Year in Bergen, Norway. However, we might be able to add a new descriptor: redeemer of white wine as the choice alcohol of the black metal set. You see, as Gaahl told a newspaper interviewing him about his award, wine helps you make important decisions:

"It was after closing time. I was at Fincken (gay bar in Bergen). Robin came to the club to look for his former boyfriend. I was buzzed on white wine, and suddenly I saw a glowing figure in the door. That was Robin. I thought to myself that he must be mine."

I'll admit it: despite its color, which does seem like it would have a certain appeal to those obsessed with the world's bleakness, I wouldn't have picked white wine as the choice of anyone who fronted a band that recorded a song called "Procreating Satan." I guess it's the more sophisticated side of the corpse-painted auto mechanic revolution Seth highlighted on Tuesday.


Robin said...

Ok... while I do GLOW... I doubt that was me. Besides, I prefer red wine.

Seth said...

I'm still getting over HOMOSEXUAL OF THE YEAR.

It just makes me think of the "Nagger" episode of South Park.

When Token says to Stan "Jesse Jackson does not speak for all Black people" and Stan responds "that is not what he told my dad."