Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Voivod challenging my faith.......

People that know me in my private life are aware that while packing and planning for the impending move-in with my girlfriend I have been giving away many of my material possessions. I have been trying very hard to go completely digital and free myself of the collector's mentality.

It has been going very well and becoming less of a pack rat has been liberating.

Then I saw a banner ad on Blabbermouth..........Worlds Away is actually coming out!

I have been wondering what was up with Away's long delayed book of art. I LOVE the artwork of Voivod and had planned on buying this. And now it is here and shipping in July.

So it is hardcover, limited edition and $50. I know I shouldn't buy it but one last collectible book purchase can't hurt. Right? Right?


Kristin said...

Well, ya gotta have a coffee-table book or two, right?

Eric said...

I think you have your answer.