Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mike Alpert, this Google News Alert is for you.......

Ever since Eric put up his blog post about Blabbermouth hitting the bottom of the Megadeth posting barrel with their story on Mike Alpert's upcoming solo record the real Mike Alpert has been spamming our comments under the name "megadethfan." You only need to click his Google/Blogger profile to realize it is him.

It looks like his album came out today and he left another post on that ancient old story to let us know.

So Mike Alpert, while you are popping the champagne tonight with your special someone tracking Google News Alerts for your name, this hit is for you. Enjoy.

I'm going to go back to not holding up my end of writing posts for this blog by marveling at the obscure C list Metal celebrities who now follow my Twitter feed.............

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