Monday, March 02, 2009

Thoughts on Portnoy's Teaser

Somewhere, someone has probably already taken the left channel/right channel clips from Mike Portnoy's teaser promo from the next Dream Theater album and slapped them together into one file, but if you haven't heard the teaser at all, you can get it here. However, I'm more interested in what Portnoy had to say about how the album as a whole will sound:
"Imagine a Dream Theater album with 'A Change Of Seasons', 'Octavarium', 'Learning To Live', 'Pull Me Under' and 'The Glass Prison'... all on one album... COULD YOU HANDLE IT?? Excited? I sure am!!!!"
"Glass Prison" is pretty obvious, because they've still got some steps left in Portnoy's 12 step suite, but it looks like after making a really heavy album with Systematic Chaos, Dream Theater is swinging their musical pendulum back to the progressive side of things. Portnoy's list is also half older material, too; maybe we're about to hear something that's more melody-focused than the material the band has produced in this decade?

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