Friday, February 27, 2009

KISS - True Analog Warriors

Can this possibly end well?
KISS, despite repeatedly showing disinterest in doing anything but re-recording their old material to re-claim the publishing licensing fees, have confirmed they are making a new album to be released this fall. Paul Stanley will be producing and they are supposed to be writing the whole thing themselves without co-writers. Come on dudes, can Desmond Child really be asking for that money in this economy? I do appreciate the band most concerned with appearing larger than life, perhaps even more than Manowar, is going at it reasonably DIY. And on tape to boot.

But as much as I love Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer doesn't have the best song writing track record.

Here is one of the biggest hits from his old band Black N' Blue

Now that is out of the way, I trust Paul Stanley. More than I trust Gene. Paul is the guy who pulled shit out like Magic Touch on his last solo tour. Yeah, Dynasty album tracks! And they sounded amazing. If he can dominate the record, I think we'll be ok.

Here's a little Magic Touch. This is what I want the new KISS record to sound like!

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