Thursday, February 05, 2009

Coheed and Cambria: one last chance.....

I have never gotten Coheed and Cambria. I keep hearing how they sound like Rush and Queensryche, how they have created their own mythology, and are the prog rock darlings of the kids. But personally, I don't hear it. They sound like any other emo band with semi-Metal leanings to me.

But I want to like them. I love that Dragonforce exists. Say what you want about that band, American kids are listening to Power Metal and that is good enough for me. And they took Turisas on the road with them! But C&C? I just don't get it.

Tonight I am going to see Slipknot at MSG, which I will review. Opening are Trivium and yes, Coheed and Cambria. I am really hoping the live show helps me get the appeal. Trivium I am not even trying to catch. Fuck that band. But maybe tonight will be the night.

To understand how Coheed and Cambria are almost, but not quite likeable please check out their cover of the Trooper, embedded below. Somewhere around where the synths come in and the esoteric vocal harmonies I'm lost. And there is nothing proggy about it at all!


Nazz Nomad said...

The Punk Metal Karaoke Band, even if they were fronted by a retarded, in-bred republican (as if there were any other kind) would still kick the shit out of this.

the Accidental Genius said...

I hate this band. I don't know why they are mentioned with Rush alot. I see it too. Crap.