Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In awe of Napalm Death

How can a band 28 years into their career just start hitting their stride? The new album Time Waits for No Slave received a 9.5 from Blabbermouth which is completely deserved.

This powerhouse has managed to become simultaneously heavier and catchier as they have gotten older. The amount of inspiration you can hear in their last few records (have you heard Smear Campaign? Holy shit!) is inspiring in and of itself. It is the antidote to feeling jaded. Every year this band comes along and puts out a record BETTER than their last.

I don't know what fuels their hate. Maybe Shane Embury is really angsty about his hair, who knows. But the new evolution of the Napalm Death sound into thrashier grindier territory is welcomed, along with the addition of high screams to compliment the death grunts. Napalm is at their peak, at a time when they have no reason to be. Well played sirs, well played.

The BBB crew is going to check them out at the Blender in April with fucking Katalklysm, Toxic Holocaust and Trap Them (a band I will be writing more about soon). To headline that bill is BALLSY. Right now there is no better band for the job.

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