Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Open Letter to Ihsahn

Dear Ihsahn,

Blabbermouth tells me that you've decided to open up on a few of Opeth's Norwegian shows, finally taking the time to perform some of your killer solo stuff in front of an audience, and "travel with a great band like Opeth while doing it." I'm very happy to hear this announcement, but I ask that you do one thing: have an awesome time. Seriously, have a kick ass time playing in front of all of those crazy Norwegian metal freaks, rocking out to "Called by the Fire" and "Will You Love Me Now?" and "Elevator" and "Unhealer" (and by all that's unholy, do take advantage of the presence of Mister Åkerfeldt to do that duet) and whatever else you decide to play. Why all of the good wishes? Well, I have a confession: I have some very selfish reasons.

You see, although I'd love to see you play live again very, very much, I can't come to Norway and I'm sad I won't be able to see what has to be one of the best bills ever. I'm hoping you enjoy your short road trip enough that you decide you want to take the experience Stateside, because I think Opeth has the kind of fan support here that they could make another tour - with you as the opener - a reality in 2009. Opeth with Ihsahn would be an automatic, soon-as-its-announced ticket purchase for me...and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So please, have a good time on the road, and come to the US when you're done.


Baroque, Bleak, Brutal

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Anonymous said...

I do feel a lot the same way :)