Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trent Reznor Talks the Next NIN Tour

Trent rocks a little philosophical discussion about the accelerating speed of art consumption with the guys from Pink is the New Blog in this interview. Some of it comes off as a little cranky, but I get his point: instant access to information means that we churn through anything we can consume, including art (and I'm sure that concept makes an artist shudder). Keeping someone's attention long enough for them to actually appreciate what you're trying to do has to be more difficult now that the audience is less and less captive.

For those more interested in practical matters, there's a tidbit for you, too: Reznor is sick of the stage show and the theatrical straitjacket it creates. For the next tour, he's planning on keeping things simple, eschewing bright lights and big screens for a set list that will rotate every night. I'll miss the big effects - and their elimination probably necessitates shortening the length of the show to keep people interested - but if he can schedule more than one date in New York, it might be worth seeing him twice to get the full scope of possible sets.

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