Wednesday, October 15, 2008

AC/DC Practices Redemption

Yesterday, they were idiots who can't get with the times. Today, they're sort of keeping it real for the dedicated fan. I think:
Season-ticket holders, some of whom have paid as much as 25,000 Norwegian kroners (approximately $3,900) to have the first crack at concert tickets at the venue, were denied the opportunity to purchase AC/DC tickets ahead of everyone else because AC/DC refused to allow anyone but the "real fans" to buy tickets (meaning that there would be no pre-sale at all).
My Norwegian language skills are rusty (read: non-existent) and Google's aren't much better (an example: "AC / DC was bone hard that no one other than their fans would come at the concert. De vil ikke se andre enn fansen sin. They will not see anyone other than their fans." Heh..."bone hard"), but it seems that AC/DC isn't as money-obsessed as Brian Johnson's comments about iTunes might lead one to believe...or they're looking to maintain the veneer of working-class respectability by keeping things open and real for the people. Either way, if they're so interested in making sure only true fans get to see them when they play in Norway (or anywhere else), they might want to consider going the NIN fan club route...assuming the technology doesn't baffle their minds.

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