Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Kicking Ass on the Final Frontier

Above is the cover for the first single - and man, do I feel like I should putting quotes around both of those terms - from Iron Maiden's upcoming album, The Final Frontier, as offered - along with a download of the song - on the band's website. It is fantastic: the pulp theme and the representation of evil-looking, puppetmaster Eddie mesh perfectly with the song's straightforward story of greed and the album's (presumed) sci-fi theme. Really, every band should do artwork like this piece - and by "artwork like this piece" I mean art that kicks ass - for every pre-release single, because even though the song itself loses steam midway through, I'm still excited to hear the rest of The Final Frontier when it comes out in August. Of course, the bonus release of the album cover artwork doesn't hurt:

Look at that shit. That's fucking giant Space Eddie doing some weird-ass shit to alien astronauts with a big glowing key. That painting is precisely what I want out of my Iron Maiden art.

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