Friday, June 18, 2010

Geekery in The Discordance

I've been playing with Encyclopedia Metallicum's The Discordance, which is pretty much a metal geek's wet dream: the site's database of information - genres, locations, release dates, etc. - presented in forms like grids, lists,'s like they took two of my favorite things and smashed them together in a comprehensive if slow-moving package.

Long-time readers may remember my series of posts on the most metal country, mainly from a few years ago when I found out that Finland had most of Metallica's catalog in their top 40 chart. After clicking through for a few minutes, I realized The Discordance, with its totals of bands by country, could give me an answer. So I took that list, compared it to the list of population by country from Wikipedia, and came up with the number of bands per population total, only to find...

...that I knew the answer all along: Finland, with 0.00046 bands per person, is the most metal country on Earth. Scandinavia scores full top 10 representation, with Sweden at number 2, Norway at number 3, and Denmark at number 8. Germany, which has the second largest number of total bands, scores well at number 16. The United States has the highest number of bands, but also has the world's third-largest population, and falls to number 33 on my list. Want to see the whole list? I've made the spreadsheet available through Google Docs.


atanamar said...

Excellent usage of the data! Nice work. Math FTW. I'm seriously enjoying The Discordance.

Islander said...

This was such a cool idea! So nice to have computational confirmation of what I'd always suspected about Finland (and Sweden), and the rest of the list is fascinating too. Thanks for this!