Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Day of Dio

Inspired by falsity of the Dio Death Scare this morning (I had "Wishing Well" of all songs stuck in my head afterward), I've been listening to Dio in his various guises - lead singer of Rainbow, lead singer of Sabbath, fronting his own band - all morning. It's been a wonderful time: I had forgotten how good Holy Diver is as an album, I had an excuse to give Heaven & Hell another listen, Cozy Powell and his crazy legs of steel impressed me once again on "Kill the King," but the real find was when I was trolling YouTube looking for live versions of "Gates of Babylon" and came across a copy of the recording of Dio and Yngwie Malmsteen did of "Dream On" for an Aerosmith tribute album. It's a really excellent cover, with plenty of places for expansion that where both Dio and Malmsteen take advantage, but my favorite addition is the far more baroque bass line that's evident from the beginning:

Best wishes to the man who sings it all, hoping that he'll be doing sets for years yet.

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