Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Damn You, Mr. Akerfeldt

Music-loving guy that I am, in addition to listening to music and writing about music, I also play music. So I enjoy guitars for their utility. I also happen to love them for their aesthetics: one of the best museums trips I've seen was an Art of the Guitar exhibition that came through Boston ten years ago or so. I also have that well-documented love of Opeth. So when I saw the guitar pictured to the left, the part of my brain tasked with impulse control melted a bit through my ears and the uncontrollable lust to purchase seized me. Never mind that I'd never held the instrument in question to see if I was comfortable playing it - although it's a Paul Reed Smith, so problems seem unlikely - or that I can't really afford to spend the money on a guitar right now, or that I have no space for another guitar; it's shiny and beautifully contoured and has that lovely, lovely Opeth logo on one end...

Irrationality is a terrible, terrible thing.

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