Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ravn's 15 Minutes of Grimness

Ever wondered why Ravn from 1349 always seems to be rocking the same Hellhammer shirt? Or whether he really cares what you thought of Revelations of the Black Flame? How about what he thinks about his record company calling Demonoir "a return to the band's more traditional, raw-yet-technical black metal sound"? Answers to all of these questions and more are now available for your reading pleasure, thanks to Elise from Reign in Blonde and her Q & A with 1349's oh-so-grim front man. My favorite piece of the interview:
What importance do you place upon philosophy or ethos when writing music? Would you say 1349 is a force against tyranny?

1349 is a force of its own. A force greater than any one of us members, and it is fulfilled whenever we meet and play or rehearse. We stopped trying to understand what it is many years ago since it only happens when we are together. This force demands that we do everything possible in order to maintain the results of its creative outburst. This means we don’t pay attention to anything else than what is created. Of course you can say this force is a force against tyranny as it is a force of our free minds that lets us put ethos and philosophy aside and also all other impulses lurking around with a religious heritage and mind control as purpose. To think for yourself and make up your own mind is essential in order to progress as a human. Lead not follow, wolf not sheep.
That's right, kids: make black metal a part of your next Independence Day party and you'll be carrying on the proud traditions of the founding fathers.

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