Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Stage a Comeback

Speaking of Alice in Chains, they've announced yet another leg of the tour in support of Black Gives Way to Blue. This time around they've developed a package, tagging Mastodon and the Deftones to come along for the ride and naming the whole thing BlackDiamondSkye after the album each band is supporting. Anyway, looking through dates, I see the New York City show will be in Madison Square Garden and it struck me that if you're planning a comeback, the Alice in Chains model is the way to go:
  1. Release a great comeback album that sounds just as good as anything you did back in the day.
  2. Tour the shit out of it. Start at Irving Plaza, playing one night for 1,200 people.
  3. Come back to New York six months later and play two nights at Terminal 5 for 6,000 people.
  4. Come back to New York six months after that and play an arena with one of metal's biggest successes in the last decade on your opening bill.
  5. Fun and profit (of course).

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