Monday, April 26, 2010

The Great Chief Rebel Darkness Angel

I was listening to Arch Enemy's Rise of the Tyrant this morning. When "The Great Darkness" came on, it struck me that the chorus sounds a lot like the chorus from Entombed's "Chief Rebel Angel," like I could do a word-for-word substitute and you'd never be able to tell the difference. Sure enough:

"Chief Rebel Angel" (go to 2:24 to hear the first chorus)

"The Great Darkness" (go to 1:07 to hear the first chorus)

Referencing another artist's work isn't that uncommon and the reasons for doing so can range from, "I'm using this reference to invoke some of the same ideas as the original" to, "these guys are awesome and I'm giving them a tribute." Lyrically, the two songs have a passing connection at best, and Michael Amott appeared on the death metal scene around the same time as maybe it's not a reference so much as an elaborate coincidence?


Seth said...

Carcass' song "Heartwork" has the same coincidental "homage" to Kreator's "People of the Lie."

So much so that the first time Carcass played it in Germany the fans thought they were playing a cover and sang the Kreator lyrics.

Eric said...

Never noticed that until now, but I hear it. I guess Michael Amott doesn't think too hard on whether the riffs that pop into his head are his or not.