Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Sweet Song of Spring

Spring isn't exactly the most metal of months: the renewal of life, the thawing of the land, and nature's rising sexual obsession (seriously: even the trees are out there getting it on) don't really call for a soundtrack that's either angry, death-obsessed, or overwhelmingly bleak. But to put another face on things, Spring *is* all about energy, and that's something metal has in spades. Take Gojira, for example: need a mid-day pick up? Put on From Mars to Sirius, crank up the volume, and feel yourself revitalized by tree-hugging Frenchmen making lots of noise about flying whales. Take a listen to the opening track, "Ocean Planet," and see if you don't feel positively Spring-like:


atanamar said...

Thanks, I'm already feeling more springy. I f'ing love that song. So glad they played it on the last swing through Brooklyn.

Islander said...

Agree -- inspired choice of song for this day!