Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stepping into the Atomic Chamber

Baroque, Bleak, Brutal, where it's 1349, all the time. The black metallers added the track "Atomic Chamber" from Demonoir to their MySpace page and because I must experience the future as soon as possible - even in its shitty, over-compressed form - I went to check it out (twice, actually: you have to be sure about these things) and over all, I'm pretty impressed: this track manages to find a happy medium between Hellfire and Revelations of the Black Flame: there's plenty of pounding, there's some (slightly) more atmospheric stuff, and there's a decent amount of structure that keeps a six minute song sounding like a six minute song and not an endless assault. Things manage to get a little melodic at one point, I swear I could hear the presence of a bass track, and Frost gets a special call out for being a living metronome on a high-speed setting.

Still, I'm sticking with cautious optimism rather than all-out excitement about Demonoir: there are a few things about this song - like the off-tempo piano counterpoint in the middle of the song and Ravn slowly repeating "atomic chamber" at the end - that don't sit quite right. Time will tell if these are aberrations, or a symptoms of a band trying too hard to break boundaries while sounding kvlt.

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