Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm Pretty Sure They're Trying to Kill Me

Last month, Megadeth announced that they'd be filling the time originally scheduled for the Canadian/American Carnage shows with a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of Rust in Peace. At the same time, they roped in Testament (another victim of the Carnage Tour scheduling changes) to open playing The Legacy in its entirety. This announcement caused a great deal of consternation for us at Baroque Bleak Brutal, because a.) we love Rust in Peace, and b.) the closest NYC date was in Scranton, PA, two and a half hours away.

Then, a few weeks ago, following Tom Araya's successful back surgery, the bands rescheduled American Carnage for this summer and Megadeth seemed to indicate that they'd continue touring Rust in Peace. Slightly less consternation here in NYC...until we read that the show would still happen in New Jersey. New Jersey, you see, is difficult to get to on a weeknight, and the venue in question is a hockey rink that has (among other things) a history of idiocy when it comes to guiding visitors to the entrances. Not to mention that the show has now been on sale since late last year and the remaining tickets are two levels up in nosebleed territory.

Now Dave Ellefson announces he and Mustaine have patched up their second massive feud with a simple telephone conversation and he's returning to Megadeth. Fantastic news, but it doesn't open up any new tickets. Right now I think I'm living on the hope that his return spurs such an uptick in demand that they add a second show in NYC and I'll get to see one of my favorite albums performed in its entirety from somewhere closer than an overpriced nosebleed seat.

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