Friday, February 19, 2010

Finntroll Wants to Know Their Audiences...Biblically

Not surprisingly, not everyone thought the idea of a black metal band participating in a song contest was the best of expression of tr00 kvltness. The keyboardist from Finntroll, for example, was a little peeved by the idea - or the suggestion that his band would ever participate in anything similar - and decided to speak his mind. I'm not taking any sides in this conflict, but I thought the metaphor he used was...interesting, to say the least:
Black metal = no compromise. If Keep of Kalessin wants to penetrate some unexplored areas in the homosexual community, I feel no harm done, yet we leave our crowd raped by other means than participating in vain and futile contests on something we consider a blasphemy of an art anyway.
I'll be seeing Finntroll when they come to NYC in early April, so I guess I'll see just how explicit this nightly raping really is.

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