Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Even Black Metal Bands Like the Limelight

Seth may have had a hard on for Revelations of the Black Flame - and I'll admit I find the album intriguing enough to give it an occasional spin - but if the band's announcement about the direction of their next album (coming in April) is any indication, either they felt a backlash they didn't enjoy, Revelations... really was (as rumored) a wank effort thrown together around three songs, or they've said all they want to say right now with soundscapes: "The new CD, which promises 'a return to the band's more traditional, raw-yet-technical black metal sound,' is due on April 13."

A straight return to Hellfire would be boring, of course, but I wouldn't mind hearing the band finding a happy medium between Hellfire's brutality and Revelations...'s chaos to explore in their next release. Of course, if they're reverting to form, they could just be trying to get more than five people to show up to their next headlining show. We'll see: if the next album is more of the same, I vote they call it No One Likes Toiling in Obscurity.


Seth said...

As much as I love Revelations and will continue to defend it, being one of 10 people at that BB King's show was just sad.

atanamar said...

My complete lack of interest in Revelations of the Black Flame led to my complete lack of interest in seeing 1349 again. I didn't realize the B.B. King's show was so poorly attended. That kind of makes me feel bad. I can't exactly articulate what I'd like to hear from them on this new album. At the very least, I'd like for it to be more, um, direct?

dschalek said...

"Revelations..." had a moment or two, but not nearly enough to sustain an album, or my interest, over the long haul. I'm hopeful for the next album, as awell as for 1349's support slot on the upcoming CC tour.