Friday, February 26, 2010

And Justice for Jason: Blackened

What if Metallica's first experiment in terrible production - dropping the bass from ...And Justice for All - had never happened? Because we live in the age of the Internet, when all things are possible, a fan who goes by the handle of ProjectMetallica decided to find out, and And Justice for Jason was born. ProjectMetallica's channel page has bass-restored versions of "Blackened," "...And Justice for All," "Eye of the Beholder," and "One," but they're not the only one: other fans have taken cracks at adding the bass back in to pretty much every track on the album. Check out the ProjectMetallica version of "Blackened" below; it's pretty wild to hear what Jason was adding to the songs after years of auditory blindness.

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Empty Hell said...

Fuck Metallica!