Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vocals Copycat Fail!

Sometimes bands sound like other bands. Sometimes that resemblance is the result of our need to classify, sometimes it's a deliberate nod by the musicians to their inspirations, and sometimes it's a clear aping that makes the band's artistic viability highly suspect. Sometimes, though, the resemblance isn't just uncanny, but seems like the result of a absolutely messed up decision, leaving you to wonder why someone would try to co-opt such a unique sound as their own. Take the Sons of Azarael, a death metal act from Buffalo that I found looking through a list of 2010 album releases. Check out the first verse of vocals on "Scouting the Boneyard" on their MySpace page, then take a listen to the vocals on Immortal's "Norden on Fire," which start about two minutes into the track:

Now ask yourself: as appropriate as Abbath's voice is for Immortal's music, why would you ever want to try to reuse that sound for your own band?

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