Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Internet is Full of Metal in the Strangest Places

I was on Wikipedia looking to see whether or not a band from Savannah, Georgia called Black Tusk that's recording in the same studio used by Baroness and Kylesa might, as I suspected, be Mastodon-influenced (survey says yes). I didn't find any information on the band, but I did learn that Black Tusk is also the name of a volcanic rock projection (pictured to the left) in a state park in British Columbia. That's already pretty metal, but then I learned the native name for the place is "Landing Place of the Thunderbird" (even more metal) and that the native people in question call themselves the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, which is a name so metal that it says "fuck you" to pretty much any vowel and has a goddamn 7 in it instead of a letter, presumably because whoever composed the name in the Roman alphabet couldn't find a letter that was awesome enough. So yeah: Black Tusk, landing place of a beast also known as the spirit lord, named by a group of people with a 7 in their name. I'd name a band after it, too.

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