Friday, January 22, 2010

If I Ever Want to Get Some Promo...

...I'll find myself a journalist and tell them that I don't understand, don't care about, or laugh at the jealousy of the Blabbermouth haters. Because seriously, it doesn't seem to matter who you are or how famous you've been over the last 30 or 40 years: if you so much as mention the Blabbermouth commenters, you'll get yourself a nice headline mention in the Blabbermouth feed. Here's a sample from the most recent example, from the front man of a band called Cold, which I'd never heard of before today:
"It seems like these people, you know, they make their life on Blabbermouth. They make a name for themselves by bashing someone. It's really funny. It's like they are rock stars in their own little world, and it's just funny that someone would want to get on there and bash a band ... they don't really know. Maybe they were a fan of the band, and they just don't like them anymore. I don't know."
I'm starting to wonder if they teach the Blabbermouth hater mention technique in schools for publicists.

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