Monday, January 04, 2010

I Agree With RiB: Vote Murillo!

Normally I would not give even a portion of one shit about the contestants of American Idol, no matter what their connection to metal: I don't care enough to even want to hate on the show, and I generally listen with tolerant indifference when someone brings it up. However, when it comes to Daniel Murillo, I think Elise at Reign in Blonde has it right: the need for the metal community, no matter what their opinion about the show and Hollywood Undead, to get behind Murillo's cause is just too big. Elise has some excellent reasons why, but I'll add another one: if American Idol symbolizes everything that's evil about the crossing point between business and music - and boy does it ever - making the guy who fronts a band that symbolizes everything that's evil (and not in a good way) about metal the show's 2010 champion is one of the best ways to fiddle while Rome burns that I can think of.

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