Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Promo Photo There, Guys

The photo above is of the guys from Behemoth, presumably as part of the promo package for their new album, Evangelion, and its anime-inspired title (I suspect it's really a religious reference, but I'm enough of a nerd to think of Neon Genesis first). Looking closer - perhaps at the sweet Napoleonic officer meets Magi robe the dude on the right is wearing - you'll notice that the whole picture looks it was done up in CGI. How far do the alterations really go? It makes me wonder if Behemoth is actually made up of three guys who all look like Brendon Small done up in Photoshop to look like black metal bad asses.

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Snott Normal said...

Nah. I saw Behemoth open for Moonspell and Opeth a few years back, and they're apparently real people.

They'd make an awfully depressing cartoon, man.