Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Immortal Releases Cover Art for Reunion Album

If you're going to take the time - and elicit the fan response - to do a reunion album, you might as well do it right. While the album itself isn't out yet - and there's the philosophical question of whether a release after a six year hiatus is really the same as a reunion album is the more current sense - the cover art is pretty sweet. If I had a castle, you can bet I'd put doors like those at my gates.

Via SMN News

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Empty Hell said...

Im glad to see that our brethren of the Northern Horde have gone with a new cover look for "All Shall Fall". Fingers crossed that the music is as cool.

As recordings "Damned in Black" and "SOND" still have might and weight, but as covers..jeezus, they are like WWF posters.

This new cover brings to mind the frozen kingdom palace of the timeless "At the Heart of Winter".