Friday, June 26, 2009

My Proud Moment for the Day... that I can now identify metalcore within five seconds of hearing a song. How I made this momentous discovery: I kept seeing items about August Runs Red on the metal news sites I frequent, so I decided to check out their MySpace page. The first track in their player loads and suddenly, as if delivered by lightning bolt, a formula for August Runs Red's all too formulaic sound seared itself on the surface of my mind:

Gothenburg Sound + Hardcore Vocals + Breakdowns = Metalcore

The shock was so much that I had to turn off the music immediately and apply Tombs' low-fi sludge as a cleanser, but for that kind of enlightenment, the knowledge gained was well-worth the pain.


Martell said...

Too funny..... always nice for a heads up on something that can make your ears

Eric said...

Yeah, I'd say I owe August Runs Red a big old debt of gratitude for helping me to discover the faster way to avoid shitty music!