Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Hopi Sound Like They Could Be Pretty Br00tal

Some might question of drawing my information from such scholarly sources as, but based on this quote alone, the Hopi sound like they be able to tell all of Scandinavia (yes, even you, Finland) to get fucked when it comes to being the most metal people on Earth:
The Hopi are one of America's oldest Indian tribes, found in the northeastern section of Arizona along with absolutely nothing else. They have a rich mythology filled with Spider Women, Skeleton Men and the repeated creation and destruction of the Earth. They are a bleak people.
In other words, if I'm looking for some metal inspiration, I might want to skip the journey to the dark northern forests and take a trip to the Arizona desert. Is there a burgeoning Hopi black metal scene down there just waiting to bust out?

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