Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Absu at BB King's

Eric: tell me about sunday
Seth: not that much fun
Seth: it was ok
Seth: turcotte and i got hammered first
Seth: get to bb's
Seth: sothis were astonishingly awful
Seth: LA Black Metal
Seth: all the members were wearing corpse paint
Seth: they had WAAAAAY too much gear
Seth: outboard rack gear, full 8x12 stacks
Seth: the singer had a custom mic stand made out of chains
Seth: they were almost like a hair metal band
Seth: from the 90s right before nirvana scorched the earth
Seth: late to the party, bringing nothing to the table, looking like idiots
Seth: and the drummer played V drums
Seth: disgusting
Seth: Rumpelstiltskin grinder were fun
Seth: but set a tone for the evening
Seth: completely uncharismatic live bands
Seth: the bassist sings and looks like a bit of a punk kid
Seth: and they had virtually no stage presence
Seth: which took a lot away from the show
Seth: but they sounded great
Seth: then there was absu..........
Seth: somehow it never hit me that Texas meant DALLAS
Seth: they all looked like they were auditioning to be in a TV movie about the life of Pantera
Eric: hahahaha
Seth: very meat and potatoes guys
Seth: except for the drummer
Seth: who had short hair and earrings
Seth: looked like he would be a solid auto mechanic when they are off tour
Seth: but his face was painted silver and he had a headset mic
Seth: he was not the lead singer but he was the only person to address the audience
Seth: and he did so in this really weird voice
Seth: which was so equally goofy and pretentious, especially since they were in front of about 100-150 people
Seth: at most
Seth: after the first song he says "are you ready for 78 more minutes of mystical occult metal?"
Seth: i think we were supposed to scream back "absu-lutely"
Seth: we left after about 40-45 minutes
Eric: damn
Eric: that sucks
Seth: a few songs after Amy which is of course pronounced ahhhh-mee
Eric: ah, of course
Seth: three of them sang, the bassist, one guitarist and the drummer
Seth: but none of them had any presence
Seth: or were worth watching for any period of time
Seth: there was just nothing to look at
Seth: which just exposed how awful the bb king sound system is
Seth: and made the night a bit of a bummer


Martell said...

That might be one of the strangest things I've ever seen on a blog. Weirdly entertaining, but strange.

Seth said...

Not to bust open the mystique or anything but that was just me reprinting the IM conversation I had with Eric, rather than re-write that into a coherent post.