Friday, April 03, 2009

Memo to the world: Anvil suck

I'm psyched Anvil had a movie made about the fact that they have never broken through. I am more psyched that VH1 Classic thinks it is good enough to grab distribution rights and will run it on cable until the end of time. That is great for Anvil. Do you know who it is not great for? All of us!

Anvil suck. Let's not forget that there is a reason time forgot this band. Oh, some oldster is either going to leave a comment here or send me an email explaining to me how great they are. This person is going to be wrong. Their music has not aged well, it is rotting like room temperature chicken. Even Winger's first record has matured and aged into a decent wine.

But the world finally has Anvil mania. They got added to the Judas Priest/Whitesnake tour for Christsakes! They are playing the fucking Gramercy Theater!

I saw them back in October at BAM playing for free in the cafe as part of the film screening. Spoiler Alert: They sucked. Has the whole world gone mad? If we are all going to selectively pretend a shitty band is now awesome, why can't it be the Killer Dwarfs?

First watch Anvil at the height of their powers performing their only sorta hit "Metal on Metal."

And because it is Friday, some Killer Dwarfs! Keep the Spirit Alive!!!!!


Klimek said...

AGREE on all fronts EXCEPT ONE!

ANVIL does suck!!
KILLER DWARFS should be risen!!

but BLACK N BLUE kicks ass!!! Hold onto 18 is what 80s cheese metal is all about!

There Mr Diamond (not King) - I posted something!!

Anonymous said...

Anvil. They have to be the band that the punk group Meatmen bashed. On the Meatmen's Rock n Roll Jauggernaut. It was a punk album with songs containing silly sex and D n D fantasy lyrics. Played in a heavy metal style.

Also Killer Dwarves at least could be cathcy. Or have a cool video Like We Stand Alone in the pop phase of their career.