Friday, March 27, 2009

Scott Hamilton Does Not Like Metallica

Three thoughts I had while reading Scott Hamilton's string of complaints about Metallica playing SXSW:
  1. Is SXSW really that small anymore? If it's blown up enough in the past few years that Metallica wants to make it a part of its traveling circus, chances are that it's gotten a bit bigger than a breakout place for indie bands.
  2. Anyone who thought that most of the people who were showing up to see Metallica were going to hang around to see the other bands needs a reality check. I suspect that the crossover level between "hometown country rebel" fans and Metallica fans is pretty low to begin with, and those would have been half full even without Metallica playing down the street.
  3. Aren't you an indie rock label head? Aren't you supposed to hate popularity in all of its forms?

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