Thursday, March 12, 2009

Norway, pioneers of Socialist Metal!

Oh Norway, previously Nazi occupied country, apple of my eye.

With your beautiful fjords and state sponsored Metal. Yes, Norway is using Government money to bring Opeth, who are Swedish, over to tour. Not just the big cities, but the smaller towns where promoters couldn't afford to bring a band like Opeth.

The circular nature of this is awesome. Norwegian Black Metal bands burn up State churches, cause national havoc and wind up in the Norwegian prison system. Then the Government spends more of its tax dollars to bring in a band from Sweden heavily influenced by those same Norwegian Black Metal bands to small areas in Norway to create a new generation of church burners.

Money quote from the article (picture Tom Daschle saying the same thing): "Opeth has been on our radar for a long time, and with the success of the 'Watershed' album, ongoing touring and a dedicated fanbase, we regard this as a jackpot, but also the result of focused work."

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