Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Heaven and Hell single is kinda meh....

I am super excited about the new Heaven and Hell record coming out soon, The Devil You Know. I love all three Dio era Sabbath albums including the often maligned Dehumanizer. Shit, I even like the new tracks on that best of which came out in 2007.

So I was psyched to see the new single called "Bible Black is streaming here.

Take a listen for yourself. It sounds like typical Sabbath. Probably a little *too* typical. It is not super catchy and doesn't get me amped up for the album. Honestly, with the clean guitar intro and slow paced plodding riff it could be any of those secondary cuts on a Dio solo record. You know the ones I am talking about. Tracks like "The End of the World" or "Better in the Dark." It makes me nervous that this is considered the single. I am getting visions of the weaker end of Dio's recent work and a lot of uninspired Iommi/Butler workouts that all sound like retreads of Heaven and Hell. These guys have been playing amazing live shows for the last two years and there hasn't been a proper Sabbath album since 95 so I am still hoping for the best. But this single just isn't doing it.......What do you think?

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Eric said...

I like the riff a lot. I also think the production is enormous: the stereo spread is enormous and it fits really well with the theme of the lyrics.