Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts on Queensryche's Newest Track

Queensryche has put "If I Were King," one of the tracks from American Soldier, up on, for all to check out and...enjoy?

As Blabbermouth points out in their announcement, the lyrics of American Soldier were inspired by interviews that Geoff Tate did with current and former soldiers, and - on this track at least - Queensryche does their best to remind you of their sources: audio clips from the interview that kicked off this particular track get top billing at the start and middle of the song. On top of that are some fairly mundane - by Queensryche standards, at least - lyrics about regret, being unable to change the past, and the sort of top level grief analysis that doesn't lend itself to much introspection. The accompanying music doesn't help either: it moves with really going anywhere particularly interesting, with an entirely forgettable melody that recalls this band at its most tired-sounding. It's not bad...but it's not that good, either. If the remainder of American Soldier sounds this watered down, not only are we in for some big disappointment, but for all of Geoff Tate's pride in his artistic statement, he and the rest of the band have missed a huge opportunity to make something interesting.

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