Friday, February 06, 2009

Slipknot at MSG

Slipknot did a pretty killer job last night at MSG. The show was very stripped down. There was almost no spectacle, just 9 tight musicians on stage. I did wish for a little more of a strong visual element but I guess in these bleak economic times a $49 concert ticket doesn't get you much production. The set leaned very heavily on the self titled album and IOWA. It was fun being very close to the Clown and watching his interaction with his roadie who was charged with constantly filming him, raising and lowering his drum kit, and catching his aluminum baseball bat when it was flung high into the air.

Two things that bummed me out:
#1 The guitarists cheat live and don't play all the crazy riffs from the records. The best example of this is the Blister Exists. They don't do the amazing run in the verses which to me defines that whole song.
#2 They didn't play three of my favorite songs, The Heretic Anthem, Pulse of the Maggots, and All Hope is Gone. Shit the last song is the TITLE TRACK of the new album. Is it just too complex for the live show? The chorus is so fucking awesome. Oh well....

All in all a good show, set list below.

Intro/(Sic) Intro
Wait and Bleed
Me Inside
Before I Forget
Dead Memories
Left Behind
The Blister Exists
Frail Limb Nursery
Everything Ends
People = Shit

Spit it Out

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