Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roadrunner, what is your angle?

So I am on the Roadrunner mailing list. I normally tune out most of what they send but today's headline was "Exclusive News About Dream Theater's Upcoming Album..."

So I opened it...and they make me click through to read the "exclusive news" and those results are below. I don't really get their angle. That is neither news nor exclusive, as it has been on Blabbermouth. They are making an album and Portnoy/Pertrucci are producing. No shit. They produce ALL the records. As someone who works online and with web marketing in my professional life I have been trying to figure out why they sent this out. Are they trying to see who is an active user on their mailing list? Hoping to increase page traffic? I don't see any advertising they would be boosting their traffic for. So why make me click through on an email for completely useless information? WTF? Any ideas?

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